April 8, 2021

2024-05-31 | 14:15:35

"The pizza was fantastic"
April 6, 2021

2024-05-31 | 14:15:36

"This is a real treasure for the city! We'd be a regular patron if we lived in the area. Regardless, we'll be back the next we are in this part of the world!"
April 2, 2021

2024-05-31 | 14:15:37

"Best pizza and cheese bread I have ever eaten!!!"
April 1, 2021

2024-05-31 | 14:15:38

"Service was excellent. They seemed concerned that what we ordered may not have been enough, so they threw in some cheese bread on the house. Great place!"
April 1, 2021

2024-05-31 | 14:15:39

"So tasty and reminds me of being a young girl. My grandfather would go every Sunday after church and get a Loaf if bread. Brings back good memories. Love the cheeses and meats. Can't wait to try the pizza next time. If you haven't tried it you should"