May 18, 2024

2024-05-19 | 14:20:03

"Best pizza I've ever had, amazing ingredients used. Garlic bread was also delicious. They have a variety of Italian snacks, bread and pastas for sale. I would include photos but the food was so good I forgot. The cost may seem intimidating but the portion is PLENTY._HIGHLY RECOMMEND."
May 18, 2024

2024-05-19 | 14:20:04

"The food is so delicious! It's always fun finding a local gem like this."
May 13, 2024

2024-05-19 | 14:20:05

"Best pizza in Omaha"
May 11, 2024

2024-05-19 | 14:20:06

"The man at the counter was great. I only had the cheese bread, but it is some of the best I’ve ever had! When I go back to Omaha, I’ll definitely go back to Orsi’s!"
May 9, 2024

2024-05-19 | 14:20:08

"Absolutely an Omaha gem."