Our History

genuine Italian deli in Omaha, NE

Founded in 1919 by World War I veteran Alfonso Orsi, Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria is one of the last remaining icons of Omaha’s Little Italy. For decades, their Italian twist bread and hearty Sicilian-style pizza has been a staple of Omaha. During the early years, Alfonso and his family worked in the bakery, with the ovens as their sole source of heat.


A vivid part of Little Italy

As the restaurant grew, it became a vivid part of the neighborhood known as Little Italy. In 1949, Alfonso retired and his son Claudio Orsi took over the bakery and ran it until 1987, when his son Robert “Bob” Orsi took ownership.

Ten years later, in 1997, a devastating fire gutted the bakery and destroyed the livelihood of the family. However, the supportive community rallied around the family, helping to clean up the rubble and raise funds so that, several months later, the bakery was rebuilt in the same location.

When asked by the Omaha World Herald, “Why not build somewhere else?” Bob Orsi said, “Where was I going to go? My customers know where to find me here, and they like coming back to the old neighborhood.”

Family Owned

Guaranteed fresh Italian

In 2006, Bob’s son, Bob Orsi Jr., and Jim Hall, along with their wives, bought the bakery from Bob and continued the business of providing fresh Italian bread and pizza pies in Omaha, NE. They made certain improvements to it, including remodeling the interior to feature Italian Deli and Imported Goods areas to sell fine Italian products that are hard to find in the city these days.

In 2010, Bob Orsi Jr. sold his share of the bakery and Jim Hall and his wife, Kathy, became the sole owners, continuing the +100 year-old tradition that has become a lasting icon of the Omaha area.

A taste of history

Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria has been delighting people for almost a century and continues to be popular with a new generation that enjoys the taste of history that Orsi’s menu provides with its genuine pizza, Italian breads, and deli meats in Omaha, NE. Contact us today at 402-345-3438.