Italian Bread & Other Goods in Omaha, NE

fresh grocery items you can enjoy

Among our fine selection of Italian food are a number of imported and fresh grocery items you can take home to enjoy. Try out our fresh baked Italian breads, imported oils and vinegars, canned goods, and an assortment of pasta items. These items include:


All of our breads are made in-house using fresh, hand-tossed dough. You can taste the difference with our Italian bread in Omaha, NE. With fresh bread that contains no preservatives, sugar or milk, you are experiencing Italian bread the way it was meant to be consumed. We bake Italian twist loaves and hard rolls, rye bread and rolls, pumpernickel loaves and rolls and wheat bread.

Oils and vinegar

Don’t settle for sugary, watered down imitations of oils and vinegar. Our imported Italian oils are made with ripe, delicious olives and are perfect for dressing or even just dipping. Try out our tangy balsamic vinegar and you’ll never settle for grocery brands again.

Canned goods

Want to take a piece of Italy home to enjoy at your leisure? We have a wide selection of canned and jarred goods from genuine Italian purveyors. Choose from our jars of roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, sun-dried and Italian tomatoes, capers and more. We carry quality brands, including Mancini, Roma, Roland and Piancone.


Once you taste real, fresh Italian pasta, everything else will be a distant second. Among our grocery items are a large variety of pastas perfect for home cooked Italian dishes. We have every type of pasta you can dream of, including linguine, capellini, spaghetti, ditalini, gemelli, rigatoni and much, much more.

freshly prepared foods

For the very best in Italian breads and imports, call Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria at 402-345-3438 and find out why customers choose us for genuine Italian groceries. Have any questions about our bakery or deli? Just looking to order a pizza? Contact us today!