January 10, 2021

2024-06-22 | 14:15:19

"Just some dry goods. Like Bucatini and rye dinner rolls. Next time I like to try their pizza and deli meats"
January 4, 2021

2024-06-22 | 14:15:20

"Pizza is perfect, canolis are even better."
January 1, 2021

2024-06-22 | 14:15:22

"This place is incredible. Went here on a whim to pick up a loaf of bread, and ended up walking out with no less than 2 loaves of bread, a bag of hoagie rolls, and a pound of italian sausage. All which were given to me after I bought my one loaf. A rare glimpse at a business that actually cares about it's customers and neighborhood. I will be making sure to stop back next time I'm in Omaha."
December 27, 2020

2024-06-22 | 14:15:23

"Great pizzeria."
December 22, 2020

2024-06-22 | 14:15:24

"Authentic and amazing... from the homemade ricotta, to the Italian sausage and to die for bread. This is the place to go. You definitely won't be disappointed by anything you get here!"