November 16, 2020

2024-07-04 | 14:15:14

"Best pie in town!"
November 7, 2020

2024-07-04 | 14:15:15

"A friend let me try some of his Orsi’s leftovers awhile ago and I said that’s the best tasting pizza I’ve had in years. Finally got some for myself and I was not disappointed. Tastes amazing and doesn’t upset your stomach! Great stuff!"
October 28, 2020

2024-07-04 | 14:15:16

"First time ever visiting Orsi's. I purchased mortadella, hard salami and prosciutto. Oh..also a cannoli. Each and every item was the best I've ever had....especially the cannoli. The man who helped us was very sweet and I cant wait to return."
October 28, 2020

2024-07-04 | 14:15:18

"The pizza was too good for me to pause long enough to take pictures! I've been to Italy and I've had legit pizza, I didn't expect to truly find that in Omaha on my roadtrip back from Denver. Jimmy was absolutely genuine, kind and a great conversationalist. I could see all the hard work and commitment he puts into the bakery. Definitely a pinned spot to visit again! Oh, you must try the cheeseburger pizza, how that meat tastes that good will remain a mystery."
October 25, 2020

2024-07-04 | 14:15:18

"Pizza heaven, coming from an Italian girl. Nothing quite like it."