May 1, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:09

"Omaha native, grew up on the other side of the town, so only came here for the first time a couple of days ago. The combo pizza was will built even though it had mountains of toppings, and the flavor was great, and the pizza style unique. Apparently for first time patrons they'll comp you a bake of cookies. I had the ricotta cookies, they were so good! I went back the very next day. They made me a pizza even though usually they don't do them in the morning, so I could make my flight. Then they comped me a pop, while one of the guys chatted me up like I was his neighbor. This place treats you like family, and that feeling is even better than their pizza. Go to this place for great pizza and treats. You will not be disappointed."
April 26, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:10

"Good pizza and even nicer people"
April 24, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:10

"Great pizza."
April 23, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:11

"This place has a genuine Italian feel! The homemade bread and meats and cheeses are wonderful. The service was unbeatable and they will steer you in the right direction if you need help or have questions. Can’t speak to the pizza yet, but we will 100% be back!"
April 22, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:13

"OMG!!!!_This place is AMAZING!_My besties and I are visiting from florida and we needed a spot for some late lunch/early dinner. This place popped up and the pics looked great so we decided to go. I’ve never seen a restaurant that reminded me so much of my Italian grandmothers home. From the pictures covering the walls to the garlic smell. Pizza? DELICIOUS! Garlic Bread? DELICIOUS!__Long story short. This place is so so so so so so so so so GREAT. You should go. I recommend 1000 times."