June 22, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:19

"Hands down best pizza I've ever had. Counter guy is great and very attentive. This is a REAL itialan bakery! They also carry many other things I cannot get in Omaha. If I could give this place 6* I would!"
June 20, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:20

"Amazing food and amazing customer service!!"
June 19, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:21

"Should not be missed for any reason._Food, atmosphere, groceries, food._It isn't just great pizza._I think I've said enough."
June 19, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:22

"This pizza is in my top 2 in Omaha. They only do take out. They measure their pizzas in "sheets". Full sheet, half sheet etc... They also have a small area that sells Italian/Sicilian groceries. Seeing the products reminds me fondly of my Nana Marchese. My father grew up in little Italy so needless to say the location of Orsi's Is part of the experience for me. Being half Sicilian I feel a connection to all the pictures on their walls. Oddly reminiscent of ALL my relatives! Go go Orsi's you will love it. Prices seem high until you eat a slice and almost can't make it through the second slice. A little goes a long way! BON GIORNO PAISAN!"
June 17, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:23

"I would leave more than 5 stars, clean, amazing food, very nice people. Its a must to stop by and pick up some food"