March 8, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:16

"1st time pizza tryer. I loved it."
February 23, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:17

"I love this vintage Italian bakery "
February 18, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:19

"First trip there. Ordered 1/2 sheet ground beef and mushroom. Awesome pizza!! Since it was our first trip there, they added 4 slices of exceptionally good garlic bread. Also purchased a pound of hard salami. Food was excellent, the staff was great. May have been our first trip, it definitely won't be our last."
February 13, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:22

"Excellent pizzeria serving up good Italian pies on thick crust (think like a standard grocery store pizza, not deep dish). The sit down portion of their restaurant has closed during the pandemic, but there are two benches and folding tables that are set up near the drink cooler for customers to use to “eat in”. Otherwise this place is take out only. It’s popular so expect to wait after placing your order. Service isn’t the fastest."
February 12, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:23

"What a wonderful, locally owned pizzeria and bakery. They were so kind and took good care of us. It is the best pizza I have ever had!!!"