November 16, 2014

"The best of the best !!! Family goes back many generations at this place. !!!!"
October 15, 2014

"Orsi's is my new favorite for pizza in Omaha/Council Bluffs! Friends and I ordered a half sheet pizza last Friday: half pepperoni, half cheese. Once I sunk my teeth into the piping hot pizza, there was no going back. The dough was thick but not heavy, the tomato sauce was tangy and fresh, the layer of cheese was generous, and the pepperoni was layered neatly underneath. Pizza perfection! Their half-sheet at $20 feeds about 4 hungry people; it contained maybe 12 very large squares. We had leftovers. I can't wait to try their cannolis next! Remember: Orsi's is take-out only, so grab 'n' go and eat it somewhere awesome (like Chop's Bowling)."
October 14, 2014

"The best Italian deli. Get yourself some meats and cheeses at the counter and some fresh bread off the shelf and you're ready for a nice picnic. The pizzas are good too, lots of meat and cheese. The cannoli are the only thing I don't care for as they use pudding for the filling. You can buy just the pastry and make your own filling which is what I do. Take out only. You may have to wait a bit on the weekend."
September 9, 2014

"Fantastic pizza!!! Great service!!! Very friendly and great history behind the place!!Loved hearing the stories of all the pictures on the walls!!"
August 22, 2014

"We were just driving around exploring the city when we saw the bakery. It was around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and thought we'd pop in to see if they had cannoli. Their bakery section has been pretty well bought out (must be good) but we discovered they sold pizza and decided to give it a try. We bought a quarter sheet of pepperoni pizza and waited for it to cook. The smells were mouthwatering and the pizza was excellent. Took it over to a park and tucked in. Definitely a great find."