June 27, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:15

"Place is beautiful, it reminded me of places I would go when I was a child living in California. The smell of N Italian Deli brings back memories and a tear to my eye. Thank you for all you do."
June 27, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:16

June 25, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:17

"Amazing customer service! Best pizza in town!"
June 23, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:18

"Quickly helped out-of-towners find the perfect pizza and toppings for 3 individuals with varying taste buds. The great staff helped us get an amazing pizza and cheese bread. If you are in the area, I highly recommend stopping by."
June 22, 2021

2024-05-19 | 14:20:18

"Roadtripping and found this gem! The pizza is very good and so is the garlic bread! Thanks for making our trip memorable! ❤️ Also the customer service was superb."