October 4, 2017

OMG – Amazing

"Stopped by today for a mini-pizza and garlic cheese bread. Both were amazing! Prices very reasonable. I ate there (bench/card table) - can't wait for their dining area to be done. Service amazing, food amazing, gentleman helping me very friendly, helpful and generous! So impressed. I now wished I would have picked up some bread. Will be picking up cannoli when it is colder as I drove from Lincoln. Can't wait to go back again!"
September 15, 2017

Kevin S LeRette | 2017-09-12 13:19:51

"Recently moved back to Red Oak Iowa and stopped here last Saturday to see your place. Bought several items and the gentlemen told me to wait a couple because he had something in the oven for us. Came out with some amazing cheese bread and a free loaf for us, on the house. We were truly appreciative of this kind gesture and a good way to get repeat business. Thanks and we'll be back soon for a pizza pie."
August 25, 2017

Jodi | 2017-08-24 17:32:49

"Fantastic customer service. The guy was very friendly and helpful and threw in free cheese garlic bread for being a new customer. Came to the door when our food was ready. Prices were reasonable. Service was quick. Excellent pizza, cheese bread, and canolis. "
August 2, 2017

"Where do I begin????? Seriously.......Where do I begin? It had been many, many years since I'd been to Orsi Bakery. I just didn't want to cook tonight and opened up the phone book and I saw the ad AND menu for Orsi Bakery/Pizzeria. I picked up the Broccoli/Hamburger/Potato/Cheese Goudarouni, an order of garlic bread, and 2 chocolate cannolis......I also picked up some ricotta cookies. I also was able to look around and see the mini Italian Grocery and breathe in the wonder aroma while I was waiting. The photos on the walls are a good pictoral history of Little Italy. My goodness.....everything was just love at first bite.....the Goudarouni was just loaded with deliciousness and I could taste the butter in the crust. The garlic bread, cannolis, and ricotta cookies were absolutely outstanding. Well.....if someone asks me for a dinner suggestion because they don't feel like answer will definitely be ORSI'S!!!! These folks work very hard and show so much pride in what they do! How lucky are we to have such a wonderful GEM of a place!!! Thank you for making my evening so pleasant! "
July 26, 2017

" Some of the best pizza I have ever ate the owner was a very very nice guy very generous "