February 4, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:24

"If you dont know about it your missing out on life! Great pizza"
February 1, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:25

"One of the best pizzas in town. Feeds a lot of people."
January 27, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:27

"I didn’t realize this wasn’t really a sit-down place, but the owner pulled out tables in the front._Very friendly and kind to us and my kids, and excellent service. Great pizza, cheesy bread, and cannolis for great price."
January 24, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:28

"perfect balance of homemade sauce, toppings. Definitely eat at this place cause you didn't even know this pizza was on your bucket list."
January 22, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:30

"What a great experience at this bakery. We will definitely order again soon!"