April 30, 2020

Pat | 2020-04-25 21:08:23

"Just wanted to Thank You for the pizza you sent over to the Douglas County Election Commission today Saturday April 25. It was delicious and a great treat. Much appreciated !!"
September 4, 2019

Missing Orsi’s Bread

"I've lived away from Omaha for 22 years but still dream of Orsi's bread and rolls. I hope someday you'll have an online store with overnight shipping. I've lived all over the Eastern US and never had bread as good."
August 20, 2019

Polly smith | 2019-08-19 23:28:13

"Stopped on Sunday to load up for my trip home to Seattle. The very kind man gave me an extra loaf! Best bread and rolls I have ever had and that includes trips to Italy and all over the US! "
May 6, 2019

Great people, service & bread!

"Stopped on my way to the airport to fly home to Florida. It was a Monday, tried the door it was locked. They were closed. Nice man saw me at the door & let me in. I had to buy 2 loafs of bread to bring home with me. Best toast ever!!!"
September 28, 2018

Unit Director

"I am very thankful with Orsis's Pizzeria for supporting Spring Lake Boys & Girls Club our members have enjoyed some delicious pizza. Our youth are part of a program called Google CS First teaches the members about coding and science technology. Because of the generosity of Orsis's Pizzeria at the end of every session Orsis's has donated pizza to our members and we appreciated very much on top of that the pizza is so, so delicious. Thank you again Orsis's for all the support you continue to do for Spring Lake Boys & Girls Club. Our members LOVE your PIZZA!!! very much....."