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Open Tuesday through Sunday, Orsis is your go-to spot for gathering with your crew and cheering on your favorite teams. Place your order today and elevate your March Madness experience!


EASTER HOURS: Orsis will be open from 7:30 am - 2:30 pm on Easter Sunday.


May 16, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:04

"Family favorite!!"
May 15, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:06

"Absolutely wonderful family owned business. The owner is a wonderful person. I first tried there food a few years ago while visiting Omaha. I was rushing to another restaurant after, but the manager stopped me and told the delivery driver to take me to the second restaurant (not affiliated with Orsi's). They give you free cheesy bread when you're a new customer. I really love their pizza, their Gounarooni and their staff."
May 14, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:07

"Great food... and even BETTER management!!!!"
May 2, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:08

"Great Italian food in Little Italy. I live in this neighborhood and wish there were more places like this. Support this business so we don't lose anymore great Italian restaurants!__Everyone here is always so kind and great to talk to."
May 1, 2022

2024-04-14 | 14:21:09

"Omaha native, grew up on the other side of the town, so only came here for the first time a couple of days ago. The combo pizza was will built even though it had mountains of toppings, and the flavor was great, and the pizza style unique. Apparently for first time patrons they'll comp you a bake of cookies. I had the ricotta cookies, they were so good! I went back the very next day. They made me a pizza even though usually they don't do them in the morning, so I could make my flight. Then they comped me a pop, while one of the guys chatted me up like I was his neighbor. This place treats you like family, and that feeling is even better than their pizza. Go to this place for great pizza and treats. You will not be disappointed."