September 5, 2018

Teresa Khoury | 2018-09-02 17:49:36

"I use to come to Omaha to visit my sister and brother-in-law, from Kearney. My brother-in-law, David who is related to the family, would always send me home with several loaves of Orsi bread. I love the bread and miss it so much. Now, I am older and don't travel so much. I would love it if you would ship orders. I know you don't but maybe someday. Your bread is awesome and if I ever get back to Omaha, I will surely visit your store. I also am so sorry to hear of the loss of Claudio. I am sure he will be missed, dearly."
July 25, 2018

Carolyn Pennell | 2018-07-21 03:16:40

"Ordered a Pizza for my son's birthday. Excellent pizza. We really enjoyed it. We wil definitely get pizza from Orsi bakery again. "
May 23, 2018

Nobody really

"First time to Omaha, looking for pizza - found the best (not only food, but service) -- Thanks Jim, it was a really treat! Enjoy your 4 days a year off, H2 & JCD - Chicago"
May 14, 2018

Best Pizza ever

"Ordered Orsi's Pizza for my daughters 13th bday. There wasnt one slice left. Was such a hit. "
May 8, 2018

Regional Supervisor

"AMAZING experience today! My employees were rewarded with a pizza day of their choosing and chose Orsi's as what they wanted. I had not been here so did know much except I needed to order what was asked. When I called in to order the pizza for pick up, my order was taken and at the end, I was advised that when I come to pick up, I need to go to the employee door to pick up as they are closed on Monday's but since the ovens were on for an event, they would prepare it for me. I arrived 15min later to pick up the pizza's and they were hot, fresh, and AMAZING!! The gentleman even carried the pizza's to my car for me. I will definitely be recommending Orsi's to all I know as the customer service went above and beyond for me and the food is truly amazing! "