March 19, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:08

"Orsi's has been my favorite for pizza and garlic bread for over 65 years._Driving from Lincoln to Omaha is worth the trip to Orsi's."
March 17, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:10

"Best pizza I've ever had."
March 15, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:12

"Poor guy was so busy, he looked incredibly tired however, full of spirit his service was awesome. I love his bakery and pizza."
March 14, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:13

"I went here expecting very good pizza, and my expectations were blown away. This is by far, the best pizza I've ever had. The (I presume) owner quickly set up tables for me and my family to sit at and brought us cheese bread, which was delicious. When the pizza arrived, it arrived hot and fresh. It tasted absolutely delicious, and I've never had pizza so good. 10/10, will come here again."
March 12, 2023

2024-04-01 | 17:11:15

"I adore walking into Orsi's. It might be a long drive out, but the pizza is worth it. The sheet pan style, loaded up with toppings or not, has such an incredible taste. I don't get it as much as I wish I did, but I would probably say it is Omaha's best pizza."