July 6, 2014

"Stopped in this morning after the March of Dimes Walk, EXCELLENT service and baked goods. Pizza and breads..... DELICIOUS. Will absolutely return."
May 6, 2014

"Just stopped by Orsi's a few weeks ago. Hadn't been there in years. We had the best time. Delicious pizza. Very generous with the toppings. Just like it should be. Best around. Everything is fresh and delicious and the staff is great. Can't find bread like this anymore, anywhere in Omaha. Don't even waste your time trying. Their hamburger buns can't be beat! Thank goodness it's still there."
January 16, 2014

"Moved here from Las Vegas and so glad we found Orsi's Pizzeria. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE this pizza. The best pizza we have ever tasted and we have had our share of tasting pizza's. We recommend this pizza to even the locals who have not heard about Orsi's."
November 5, 2013

"Amazing Pizza, Garlic Bread, Spicy Garlic Bread and Bread! Nice thick crust, perfect amount of sauce meat and cheese! The spicy garlic bread is amazing - made with Orsi's delicious bread you can't get anything like this anywhere else. The bread is amazing - I've been eating Orsi bread since I was a small child. It's a staple at Christmas Eve dinner in our family!"
November 9, 2012

"We never order pizza from anywhere else. We love Orsi's! We even suggested them to our church so now our church uses Orsi's for their Piza parties. They are always friendly and helpful. Their bakey items like Italian wedding cookies and biscotti is excellent also."